3_Fotor‘Crazy dancing. Deep talks. Silly talks. Big heart. Sparkling eyes. Delirious curls. Ears to lend. Made of pure, sweetlicious desires. Wild loving dreams. Amazing adventures. Soulpod follower. Dutch passport, borderless curiosity.’

Meet Sandra. She always wants to be on the road. In search of beautiful gems on this magnificent globe. So she can share those experiences with you in the form of stories, pictures and film.

She puts words to paper about the places she visits, including the thoughts and feelings that captivate her about those spots. She views life as an adventurous journey where the miles are being crossed externally as much as internally and the one can’t exist without the other. To Sandra that is the wonder of travel: it makes her feel, think, grow as a person, see and experience. Freedom, choices, dreams and love are the themes that energize her and she can have hours long conversations about them with you.

She is known to find that moment of silence while on her travels. With a mind that never stands still and a heart that is always overflowing she enjoys that moment of serenity. Meditation retreats, yoga or spending nights in the quiet desert are no stranger to her. Combining this, with life in a fast adventurous, digital world and in that finding those small moments of bliss is a challange she tries to tackle on a daily bases.

She invites you to join her in the search to find and share those little moments of bliss. She would love to read about what makes you heart beat faster, your eyes sparkle and your body dance.

Countries visited:

Before 2012: Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Portugal, South-Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, Macedonia, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Denmark.

2012: Thailand (Bangkok), Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

2013: Myanmar, Northern Thailand.

2014: Morocco, New York, Italy, India.

2015: London, Berlin, Gdansk (Poland), Northern Cyprus, Southern Thailand.

January 2016: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines.

February 2016: Philippines.

March 2016: Indonesia.

March 2016 – January 2017: living and traveling in Australia.

January 2017: New-Zealand.

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