Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysias greenest areas. I spent a few days here and I still remember the essence of fresh air and tea herbs. When you’re done in buzzing Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands is sure worth a visit to get the dosis nature you are longing for.

The Highlands were mapped in 1885 by an Englishmen called – ofcourse – Cameron. For a long time the British people came here to cool off a bit during the colonisation period. Because the area is higher then elsewhere in Malaysia, temperatures will never rise above 25 to 30 degrees. Nowadays a good way to escape the soggy heat of Malaysia for a lot of tourist that come here to explore this flora kingdom.

How to get there?
From Kuala Lumpur you can easily take a bus from the new BTS station. You will be surrounded by trees within 4 hours. There is also a train station near the Highlands called Ipoh. From there you can transfer to a bus to get into the Highlands.

What to do?
To see how tea is made and to have a good view on the lush plantations, you should visit the Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estate. It is the biggest plantation in the Highlands and they have a big visitors centre where you can watch a video of the history of the plantation. There is also a self-guided walk through the factory to see how your cup of tea comes to life. You can drink tea at the cafe with a stunning view of the plantation. And they have cake. Cheesecake. Don’t you ever forget about the cheesecake.

Mossy Forest is a magical place where low-level clouds in the sky driven by winds blanket the forest with constant mist and moisture. This environment makes it a good place for all sorts of moss en ferns to flourish. You can also see a lot of different animals here like insects, snakes and frogs. Wander around in this fairytale forest and feel like Alice in Wonderland.

At the Highlands each trekking has it’s own trailnumber so you can also explore the surroundings by foot. A lot of them are only guided tours, but trail 3, 5 and 10 are accessable on your own. I decided to hike trail 10. It was a good two hour walk and way more steep then I first expected! The trail led through the magnificent highland woods to the top of a hill where you get an incredible view of the landscape.

Where to eat?
I really love Indian food so I was very happy to find a very nice Indian restaurant in town which is called Kumar. The staff is heartwarming, friendly and the food tastes so good. On one afternoon they learned me how to make a naan bread in the claypot oven. Ofcourse my naan felt down and got burned, but hey, it was fun anyaway. For a nice diner or a quick dosha on your way: Kumar is the place to be.

Enjoy the Cameron Highlands!