Life in Sydney part II


Bye Sydney, hello adventure 😉 After almost three months of working we decided to buy a campervan and leave the city. We are now exploring the beauty of Australia’s nature and will work our way up north where the weather is a bit warmer. We will travel along the East Coast and work at the Splendour in the Grass festival next month (YAYY!).  Read post

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way


Proper packing. It’s sometimes a difficult thing to do and there is never enought space to fit everything in. After a few years of travelling expierence I know a little bit of what you need and don’t need. Read post

Life in Sydney



It was someting I dreamed about when I was twenty. To go there, explore, enthousiastic hopping around like a kangaroo and get lost while hugging koalas. Read post

Philippines – My love for Port Barton


Port Barton. My absolute favourite at Palawan. Period. This little pearl along the westcoast of Palawan stole my heart. Port Barton is a little fisherman village and it has some beautiful islands and coral reefs Read post

Philippines – El Nido


After a long and wobbly boattrip from Coron on a very small boat I arrived at El Nido. El Nido is famous for it’s emerald green waters, amazing lagoons, hundreds of small islands and hidden beaches. Read post

Travelmovie Philippines – Palawan

Here is the new travelmovie about stunning Palawan. I had a marvellous time there while snorkeling with turtles, sleeping in a tent on a deserted island and breathing in the island vibes day after day. Read post

Philippines – Coron


After a nice couchsurfing expierence in Manila, I took the ferry to Palawan. I almost travelled 24 hours on this ferry due to a delay so when my feet landed on the shore it sure felt like a relief. Read post

Malaysia – Cameron Highlands


Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysias greenest areas. I spent a few days here and I still remember the essence of fresh air and tea herbs. Read post

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