After a nice couchsurfing expierence in Manila, I took the ferry to Palawan. I almost travelled 24 hours on this ferry due to a delay so when my feet landed on the shore it sure felt like a relief. My first footsteps on Palawan landed on Busuanga Island, in a town called Coron.

Coron is a city that will eventually steal your heart. The town is kind of overshadowed by an army of tricycles, but through the mist of vehicles you will discover a very friendly and welcoming city. It’s the surroundings that make Coron a place you don’t want to miss out on when you’re in the Philippines. This town is famous for a few great diving and snorkeling spots. Around here are a few shipwrecks which you can see while diving or snorkeling. I like snorkeling a lot so I decided to explore the underwater world with my charming mask.

The first islandhopping tour led me to the beautiful Twin Lagoon where emerald green waters and sharp rocks dominate the scenery. To get into the lagoon you must swim through a rock tunnel (only accessible in low tide) before entering a snorkeling paradise. The water in the lagoon contains a combination of fresh and salty water so sometimes your view gets oily and blurry of their mixture. Then Kayaghan Lake. The view on the lake from the top is stunning. When you arrive at the lake the water is just smiling at you and extends an inventation for a swim which is impossible to resist. Seventy percent of the water is fresh water, so this time the itchy eyes after your water fun will stay behind. You can look so deep underneath the water and at some places you can see the bottom of the lake. Amazing. Our last stop is at Coral Garden. Here you can see fascinating fish and coral everywhere. The combination of these spots (which were luckily not that crowded) really make it a trip you don’t want to leave undone.

Another day I visited Banana Island, Maylapuca island and Bulog Dos Islands. At Banana Island I was welcomed by roosters and there were hammocks waiting for me to relax and soke in the soft breeze of this so called island life. Lazy bodies and satisfied smiles collected around me. Life felt good here. Bulog Dos Islands are two tiny islands connected by a small path of white sand between them. It was here that I for the first time saw and held a starfish in my hands. They are so handsome! Maylapuca Island had it all: fresh coconuts, the whitest sand you can ever imagine and around the island this stunning palet of blue and green sea. I don’t think I will ever get used to that.

So that’s Coron. A city on an island who’s wonder is only surpassed by the paradise islands that surround it. My trip in the Philippines has only just started and I can’t wait to explore the rest of this beautiful country.