I found one and it was filled with wonder. But in fact, finding a rustic, not spoiled piece of Thailand is not that easy. Going on a trip to Khao Sok National Park was the most peaceful, green and quiet spot I stumbled upon. I finally had the chance to actually breath in fresh air and be amazed with life’s beautiful nature.

Khao Sok is a big national park and one of earths masterpieces in the South of Thailand. In this park you can find an immense rainforest (with millions of trees, yay!) and the Chaew Larn lake. With all the colours of the diverse flora it also offers an abundance of fauna: you can spot monkeys, all kinds of birds and butterflies huddled together like a field of flowers, bats, snakes and as I’ve been told even elephants and leopards if you are lucky. This really makes Khao Sok a truly vibrant place with life in every small corner of the park.

There are seven big trails in Khao Sok. But exploring this amazing jungle filled with hidden gems is not completely possible on your own. Two of the trails are freely accessible but for the remainder of the seven trails you will need a guide. Which are, ofcourse, the more exciting trails. I went on a two days hiking trip with a night in a bungalow on the lake.

It was stunning. Walking through these woods of bamboo trees, my feet sometimes struggling with the roots that lie on top of the ground, made me feel alive. Up and down mountains, getting my shoes wet while dipping in the river, swinging liana vines (imagine Jane but then without the sexy jungle outfit, with messed up hair and sweat dripping down my nose) and swimming through a pitchblack, narrow cave with hundreds of bats was just brilliant. Waking up on the floating bungalow surrounded by water, with the bungalow moving ever so slightly on the subtle waves of Khao Sok Lake was quite an expierence. On top of it all there were toucans flying above me while I was chilling in a longboat. The comforting sound of their wings cutting through the air nurtured my heart like Mother Earth was rocking me back and forth in her arms.

If you ever plan a trip to Southern Thailand and want to escape from the island life (which I will be writing about in my next blog), Khao Sok is probably your best choice. It’s not cheap, but totally worth it.