Bye Sydney, hello adventure 😉 After almost three months of working we decided to buy a campervan and leave the city. We are now exploring the beauty of Australia’s nature and will work our way up north where the weather is a bit warmer. We will travel along the East Coast and work at the Splendour in the Grass festival next month (YAYY!). Soon more pictures and travelwords about our roadtrip with Nelson the van but not before I share my last Sydney memories with you.


The streets of Surrey Hills. This neighbourhood in the heart of Syndey is full of vintage stores, nice cafes and trees, a lot of trees.


Suzie Q is one of a kind in Surrey Hills. It is a small café full of details and records. They made shelfs out of guitars and even their menu is a product of old records. Also very impressive is their wall with a big Woodstock picture on it.


Houses in Surrey Hills.


Working as a door to door sales representive brought me to some of the nicest places around Sydney.


This is the State Library of New South Wales. A place where people study and work amongst these walls covered with books. I instantly wanted to live there.


A file cabinet in the State Library. Find the books you need by hand. Old school.


Visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Sunsets during work. The sky that turns pink. Happens almost every day but stays memorable.


These empty underground streets make me wanna dance.


Darling Harbour. A famous tourist spot with cafes, clubs and restaurants.


On my last day I met a friend from my dad in Sydney. She took me to the O-Bar, a rotating bar on level 47 of  massive building. From there I had the most amazing skyline views from Sydney. On the left you can see Harbour Bridge, on the right the Opera House.


And there he is: Nelson! Here we are preparing the van for the road. Soon more travelstories and pictures about our big roadtrip through Australia.