Singapore was absolutely great! I spent only two days is this futuristic citystate and I felt like I was in an advanced society straight out of an asian cartoon, unreal. It was so different then the rest of Asia I was familiar with. I strolled down the streets being amazed by all the skyscrapers and architectural brilliance, ate ice cream at the Garden by the Bay, spent five hours in and around Marina Bay, walked through the exceptionally crafted flower fields at the Botanical Gardens and had a 25 dollar (oh my buddha) cocktail in Clark Quey. I truly believe the city is way to expensive but totally worth adding to your bucketlist for a day or two. Maybe longer if you have the money because there is a lot to see. And even more to shop.

When I just thought I had seen it all with a giant rollercoaster in a shoppingcentre in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore was topping that and made rivers in their malls where you can rent a boat and just drift through the impressive building and do some serious window shopping. I had a few jawdrops, giggling moments and loud laughters in this country. The people are binded by rules which at first made me think it would make me rebellious, but that was not the case at all. Because of the rules for lining up, littering, where you can sit, kiss or walk you get very conscious about your own natural behaviour. The streets are so clean you don’t even want to be that person who destroys that (and get a really big fine). The people are so friendly and after my millions of questions how to get from point A to point B they would still give me their best smile and welcomed me into their hometown. So here is Singapore in 15 photos. Enjoy!