It was someting I dreamed about when I was twenty. To go there, explore, enthousiastic hopping around like a kangaroo and get lost while hugging koalas. A long time ago I carefully pointed out on the map of Australia a route which I intended to travel. I never did go there.

I discovered Africa. Fell in love with Namibia. Lived and found pieces of myself in South-Africa. Strolled around the streets in Zambia, kayaked through the Okavango Delta in Botswana and saw rainbows at the Victoria Waterfalls in Zimbabwe. After that I wandered around Asia. As soon as my bankaccount gave permission my heart screamed ‘yes’ and off I’d go. I never got to the point of saving enough money to buy tickets to visit Oz. For a few years I felt completely in union with Asia. I did a yoga retreat in India. Went on a motorcycling trip in Vietnam. Left my footprints in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The chill vibes, peaceful nature, cheap prices of flight tickets and all the other relaxt people I would meet along the way: it was all perfect.

But I knew my next big Asia trip would be different. Somehow I felt it would be my last big trip going there. I would do it good and I would do it with someone else. Six months traveling around the Asian countries I didn’t see before and that were high on my list.The scenarios we created in our own imagination didn’t come close to how it all turned out. After more then three months in Asia we ran out of money. I guess prices in Thailand raised over the last few years and going everywhere in high season literally killed our bankaccounts. So we had to come up with a new plan. Doing voluntary work till our flight back to in June or going home earlier than planned were options that crossed our mind. And then there was this last oppurtunity to apply for a working holiday visa in Australia.

So we chose the last option and here we are….living in Sydney.

Sydney is a great city with a very good atmosphere. We found a little nice studio for ourselves at the northern beaches. The hustle and bustle of Sydney’s city centre is fun to expierence but our home to breathe and relax is at the northern beaches. A fifteen minute bike drive takes us to the different beaches of Curl Curl, Freshwater and Manly. Cycling is quite a challenge around here. There are the ever exhausting hills up (which you rather walk) and the I-go-so-fast-it-makes-me-giggle hills down. Free ‘leg day’ everyday!

We both found a full-time job and so we are working right now. In our spare time we meet up with friends and go sight-seeing around Sydney. I started my first surf lessons so in the weekend you’ll find me at the beach trying to catch some waves. The plan is to save up some money to buy a campervan, travel around Australia and even do farm work to apply for a second year visa. For now we are very happy to have a place for a few months and that we don’t have to live out of our bags for a while. Sydney gave us the opportunity to let us feel at home and that was excactly what we were longing for at this moment. This Sydney pause between our travels is the best thing we could have chosen and we are enjoying every moment.

I guess there is a time and place for everything. Bring those koalas out to cuddle because I’m finally here!

The view at the Long Reef view point at the Northern Beaches. I’m in love with the ocean.


One of the billions of golf courses in Australia.


A Sunday stroll in Hyde Park and the Botanical Gardens. Trees are also my favorites. Big time.


The view on Opera House from the Botanical Gardens.


That would be me in Hyde Park.


And one of my other favorites.


My first week at work brought me on a roadtrip to Newcastle.


I was knocking doors in Dudley, a small neighbourhood around Newcastle.


The weekends are for picnics along the shore of Manly and watching sunsets.


Picnic views!


Sundays are for more exploring around the city. We did the Cogee to Bondi coastwalk. You will pass these impressive rock formations along the way. It was beautiful!


Bronte Beach.


Chilling out at Bondi Beach.


Aaaaaaaand last but not least I had my first gig at the Enmore Theatre. After waiting for years I finally saw Matt Corby playing live.